Tara is a Buddhist meditational deity known for the qualities of compassion, wisdom, long life and protection. Looking at an image of Tara is said to be like looking at a mirror of our own inner good qualities. For thousands of years people have meditated on, or sometimes painted her image in order to bring to mind their own wisdom and compassion. 


This coloring book has a drawing of one of the 21 forms of Tara on each page, and her name below each one.


“I offer this book to children and adults of all ages, with the wish that by coloring her form, each of you grow closer to her, awakening her energy within and around you. May you enjoy the process of coloring and that which is beyond form. May Tara’s swift compassion be with you always”

21 Taras Coloring Book

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  • ISBN 978-83-957189-6-0

    48 pages, A4 format 

    Drawings are printed on a thick high quality paper and are printed one-sided, which allows to color them with crayons, pencils as well as markers or paints.



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